Religion, the opium of the people

I remember those days, when I was little, I took a great delight in the word of God. I was like David. I had great faith in God and He spoke to me a lot. As I grew up, learning more, especially from friends, those around me in reality and the internet, with this group of people called “atheist”.

I became a little skeptical and my faith dwindled; I was walking on the sea looking up to Jesus, on my way to Him, I reasoned, I sank.

Lord Jesus, please help me!

I had to think about other religions, sought out the truth about them.

During my early and middle teenage years, every morning and evening, a mosque nearby would broadcast their prayers in arabic, using a loud speaker. I couldn’t understand a thing. I saw the Muslims worshipping their own god. My parents never told me anything regarding their religion. I saw them as people worshipping God in a different way, I didn’t care about their religion because I saw great power in the Christian God than the Islam.

Further personal research showed that they are doing it wrong.

There’s one difference I found out about the Bible and Qur’an. The Bible was written by men, who walked with God; they had intimate relationship with the spirit of God. While the Qur’an was spat straight by a heaven’s castaway who claimed to be an angel, to a man who people address as a prophet in a wilderness.

Jesus first met the devil in no other place but the wilderness.

Today, that book has done more harm than good. It has cost billions of lives. Some Muslims claim Hitler to be a Christian, who caused the holocaust.

Please judge me, do I, Kelvin, sound like Hitler?

It’s left for them to accept Jesus Christ and move away from that carnality, because God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must do it in spirit and truth.

Now, to the atheists. They rely so much on evidence and they made me look for evidence also which affected my faith.

I’ve read so many quotes from people of old and renown, and I saw some to be atheistic. Two examples are given below;

“Science is the outcome of being prepared to live without certainty and therefore a mark of maturity. It embraces doubt and loose ends.” – Anthony C. Grayling

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” – Karl Marx

Well, one has to choose between everyday caffeine and the Holy spirit.

These skeptical people are only teaching others to be their own god. The same thing motivational speakers do, the same thing many pastors and ministers in church do nowadays. And it’s leading some of God’s children astray.

The atheists are classified as Thomases. For there was a man named Thomas in the Bible, he was one of the twelve disciples. Three days after the death of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of Jesus came and the news spread among the disciples, but Thomas was skeptical about it. When Jesus appeared to His disciples, Thomas wanted to be sure about His resurrection, he moved close to Him and even had to deep his fingers into the wounds of Jesus Christ before he could believe and said “My Lord my God”.

Jesus Christ said to Him “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” John 20:29.

Today, we have skeptics like Thomas, science is their walking stick. They don’t want Jesus Christ who is the light in this dark world, they want to discover their way through philosophy and science – evidence.

And we know science has made many mistakes in time past, for science is all about trial and error. Do you actually want to fall under error?

Here in Nigeria, there are traditional worshippers. Like in countries all over the world, they have their own hand made idol they worship. The strangest part of it is that, their idols do respond.

But guys, these are demons we’re talking about, the God of the Bible was against them, and is still against them.

“Religions are all alike- founded upon fables and mythologies.” – Thomas Jefferson

“All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Statements like the above mentioned should come out from the mouth of an immortal, not a mortal who doesn’t know his beginning and ending.
There’s one religion that is special and tells the truth about God. Seek it.

Common sense tells one, there’s an inventor for each tech, there’s an artist for each art. There should be a creator for everything natural, “who is that creator?” Should be the question. But for skepticism, it is “I need evidence”.

The Pharisees asked Jesus Christ to show them a sign, Jesus Christ knew they were skeptical about Him being the son of God. So, showing them a sign would mean, entertaining them like the magicians do.

Jesus Christ told them “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” Matthew 16:4

The sign of prophet Jonas talks about Jesus’s resurrection on the third day, as Jonas was released from the mouth of a fish on the third day.

And Thomas was skeptical about Jesus Christ’s resurrection, until he met evidence.

The Israelites of old saw the power of God, yet disbelieved God, and acted wickedly. God destroyed them.
If you don’t want to believe the God of the Bible because it sounds archaic, crude and cruel, leaving you to do whatever you want to do. Then your afterlife is at stake.

Guys, let’s search for the truth that saves, so that tomorrow, we’ll have no regrets.

Jesus loves you


The Evidence of God’s Existence

In the book of Exodus, before Pharaoh, an ancient king of Egypt turned the once free Israelites into slavery. The Israelites believed in the God of their fathers; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but they forgot Him, they were living the life during the time of the Pharaoh who knew Joseph that saved the kingdom from famine, until a new Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph, and hates the Israelites, (like some Americans hate the Jews) came into the throne and made the Israelites slaves. The burden became too much on the Israelites that they had to remember the God of their fathers, look up to the Him and cry to Him for help.

This explains why most poor nations take religion seriously.

So, God heard their cry and sent Moses to their aid. Moses, accompanied by Aaron, went to Pharaoh and commanded him in the name of God to let the Israelites go.

Pharaoh answered “who is the Lord?”

Now that’s an atheistic speech.

To prove that God exist and He sent him, Moses had to perform many miracles. As commanded by God, Aaron, Moses’s brother threw down his staff before Pharaoh and it turned into a snake. Pharaoh saw this (I perceived he laughed) and called in his sorcerers. The sorcerers threw down their staffs and they all turned to snakes.

What a challenge!

To prove that the God of Israel is greater than all, Aaron’s snake swallowed other snakes belonging to the sorcerers.

Because alone, Pharaoh’s sorcerers were able to mimic the power of the Israelites God, Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go, until God’s little finger touched the whole of the kingdom of Egypt. Even after releasing the Israelites, Pharaoh wanted them back.

What am I saying?

Pharaoh was an unbeliever, he didn’t know God. When Moses introduced God to him, pharaoh asked an atheistic question and sent him away. Moses had to show many great miracles before pharaoh could believe. Though pharaoh believed, he still rested in the arms of his sorcerers, like many would still rest in the arms of philosophy even after much miracles.
That’s vexes God more than anything. It made Him destroy the Israelites of old because of that (Exodus-Numbers). Christ Jesus, the son of God, cursed some cities because of that too. Matthew 11:20-23.

Something like this reminds me of a quote by Woody Allen, “If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name in a Swiss bank.”

Those who know Woody Allen, knows he’s an atheist.

I remember my little baby cousin, looking up to me, telling me through her recognized actions to help carry her up in my arms so her hands can reach the switch and she could play with it, pressing it. I said to her “when you grow up”. I had to think again, about God and humanity. In the dark ages, science and technology wasn’t developed, Philosophy was still like a baby. Man had to look up to God or gods(demons/bloodsuckers) for help. Today, science, technology and Philosophy are developed, though still in progress, and being taught in schools. Looking up to the God feels dumb. God gave laws in the ancient times, and through His son Jesus Christ. It helped many that believed, it’s still helping many today. But requires obedience and subjection to an unseen authority.
We feel like we don’t need God again, because we’ve grown up and can reach the switch and press it as we like. Even abuse it. Global warming is an evidence.

Actually, money is the focal point of everything, especially science and technology. Ecclesiastes 10:19 says “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

Before researches could be made, before one can forward his researched or accidental invent, and another, purchase such invent, one needs money.

And Jesus Christ said in Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Many put money above God, but God deserves to be above all, because He’s above all. That’s why you have to choose one.

I believe it’s God’s doing, for Him to put it in our minds to invent things and make the world an “ok” place. But man is known for abusing things. That’s why we have police and army force in every nation’s government. We rely so much on science and technology that we’ve kicked God away and replace his words with philosophy.

It started in Egypt, and then followed by Greece.

If I go on and on, I’ll write a big book.

Though God’s existence is not visible, He had already put it in our minds to perceive it. Religions all over the world is an evidence. It’s left for us to seek the truth, the truth is in Jesus Christ. You either start a relationship with God through Jesus Christ or stay satisfied with whatever “fate” has for you.

Don’t forget, the devil exist too, he and his minions moves about. He can meddle with your “fate”, he spreads false doctrines thereby creating false religions. He looks for whom to devour.

But praise be to God who sent His son Jesus Christ to deliver us.

Jesus loves you.

The Black and White Race

There are different races around the world, but here I want to talk about the trending races; the black and white races.

The black’s physical appearance differs from the white’s, majorly in colour, melanin levels and hair, but same body system; digestive, circulatory, skeletal, nervous e.t.c.

In our world today, we hear about people discriminating against other races, feeling superior to another. Racism, other than the main definition, is the judgment of another by its appearance.

Therefore, racism is a carnal doctrine, developed by fools (advanced) and passed down by the ignorant.

Africa is filled with the black race, they know their heritage, it’s a rich continent. The sun faces Africa and other equatorial places. I know how it feels like to be under the hot sun as an African; much days and shorter nights, it can make one think little of the next “unnecessary” tech to invent.
Only kings and their executives in their comfort zones could think and order for a new invent.

Africa is the home of humanity, not apes. Things evolve, only God knows how it fully works. Ecclesiastes 11:5.

Taking a look at Egypt, from the Bible. Egypt was known for slave trade, Joseph was sold into slavery, the Israelites where used for slavery to develop the Egyptian environment. The great wall of China was built on people’s blood, some cities were built on people’s blood. Yet, the children of those who lived in those developed ancient cities glorify what their past fathers did.

The truth is, we only have one race; Humanity.

Martin Luther King Jr. preached equality among races, but I want you to read a part of his life from a partially trusted source.

‘In his third year at Crozer, King became romantically involved with the white daughter of an immigrant German woman who worked as a cook in the cafeteria.
The daughter had been involved with a professor prior to her relationship with King. King planned to marry her, but friends advised against it, saying that an interracial marriage would provoke animosity from both blacks and whites, potentially damaging his chances of ever pastoring a church in the South. King tearfully told a friend that he could not endure his mother’s pain over the marriage and broke the relationship off six months later. He continued to have lingering feelings toward the woman he left; one friend was quoted as saying, “He never recovered.”‘

Wikipedia | Martin Luther King Jr | Crozer Theological Seminary

In the book of Numbers 12, Moses had an interracial marriage with an Ethiopian, a black woman.
Miriam, Moses’s sister, was against it and criticized Moses for it. Aaron, a priest also came to support her judgment. God came down by HIMSELF, rebuked their judgement and cursed Miriam with leprosy.

In other words, God hates racism and isn’t against interracial marriage.

Martin Luther King Jr. got married to a black woman, it seemed like his future was planned by his parents and not himself. From what I’ve seen, he was preaching a gospel that had nothing to do with the salvation of the soul but of the black race.
While at the seminary, if only he had the thought to drop that race issue and his dad’s plans, and pick up the preaching of repentance and Jesus Christ; the raw gospel. He wouldn’t have ended up that way, putting his heart in the wrong place.

There’s only one race, it’s humanity.
Someone once asked, “there are some tribes of people called “Eskimo”, who live in the bush and haven’t heard the gospel. Does it mean that all of them will burn in hell?”

Being human; the natural man. I was one, I know how it feels like to be human; wicked thoughts encircling my mind like vultures, waiting to eat up the dead part of it, and you dare not step on my toes and go scot-free.

The word of God still stands the same about humanity. Romans 3:23 – 24 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus”.

Therefore, Humanity needs repentance from all evil works through Jesus Christ.
“No one is perfect”, I agree with you on that when it comes to humanity, but Christ Jesus came so that we can be made perfect and pure in mind before God.

There’s beauty in all races, but character is what really beautifies one, even before God. Physical beauty will surely fade away, but Christian virtues beautifies one, and it lasts forever.

Jesus loves you

No one is really safe

My greatest desire is for all to make it into heaven, this world isn’t getting any better.

I stumbled on an entertainment page on Facebook which had to do with news, memes and gist on science fiction and things related to it. I used to watch science fiction a lot during my teenage years, but of recent years and now, I watch it once in a while. I can’t be negatively influenced by it, because I have strong fundamental knowledge (the word of God and its testimonies) that shields my mind.

It’s more like a firewall.

So, while scrolling down through the previous posts of that entertainment page, a post caught my attention; the announcement of the death of one of their partners who battled with cancer.
I followed up the deceased’s name link on the post to her page and checked out her previous posts. I saw a lot of “go fund me” posts with some of her pics displayed. The deceased posted some notes; announcing she has cancer and needed funds for surgery.
I also checked out the comment section of some her posts, but what I saw was saddening. The saddening thing is that no one who commented rendered any prayers for her. It in fact sounded like none of the commenters believed in the existence of God. If so, how much more the deceased herself?

I looked at the late pretty lady’s pic, felt sad and cried within me. All effort wasted and she passed away; flesh turns into dust.

Why do people sound like immortals when they are mere mortals?

What if someone talked to her about Jesus and then she receives His healing? Oh, how fortunate and blessed she would have been.

Yet, I posted those blogs, to help you and I, and someone is like “why can’t you just let us be?” and what, let you do as you please, while walking on a seemingly right path that leads to “had I known”?

Because you think you are doing well, therefore you don’t need help, does it mean that those who are suffering or dying, who need help should continue in their distress and end up in hopelessness? Now that doesn’t sound good of you.

No one is invulnerable to infirmities, our bodies are corruptible, but let those who are sick come to the healer, His name is Jesus Christ, but there’s huge barrier, it’s unbelief.

About eight years ago, I and my younger brother would go to a certain field not far from our home to play football with other teens. We were all boys, and a girl, who played football with us often. Fast forward to early this year, 2018, I was escorting a colleague of mine who is a pastor, to his destination. On our way there, I met the same girl who played football with us. She looked different, she had become a mother, but it wasn’t her time to be one. I greeted her and asked how she is and she responded.
I continued the long escort with the colleague of mine, and then he asked me, who was she, I replied. He then asked “why didn’t you preach to her at that time you played football with her?” I couldn’t answer but felt sad and cried within me.

What if I had preached to her, she would have been single or properly married, working or pursuing her career, while living for Jesus.

I feel a little bad when I’m bleeding, but if you are bleeding, my mind will be stormy, except if you’re bleeding now for your future good, and I recognized that.

When we were little, we were under our parents. Now that we are grown up. Should we just do things our way because we are free from family rules and ties? We should be under someone greater. Some are under Jesus, some under religion and social gathering, but all are under government. The highest authority of all is Jesus, but it’s not visible, many go for the visible.

Thank God for making us children to Him, through His son Jesus Christ instead of a slave.

No one is under nothing, you must have fear for something. Or you lie to yourself.

I chose to be a sheep to Jesus, the good Shepherd. We are in a fallen world, not a paradise. There are vicious animals out there; wolves and wolves in sheep’s clothing, those are devil and his agents, who come only to steal away from the Shepherd through deception, kill and then destroy its wandering prey. Do you prefer to wander alone, do what you like? No one is a master of his life, the enemy can make it miserable or take it away from you if you are a wanderer, doing things your way. Everyone has weakness, only God has none, let’s follow Him through Jesus Christ.

But the choice is yours.

No one on earth is really safe, except the ones in the arms of the good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

Jesus loves you

Mouthwash Regret

One day, I thought of buying a big sized bottle of alcohol free mouthwash and then decided to go shopping for it the next day. Mouthwash isn’t sold in small retail market (around my location) but in supermarkets (which are rare). So, I had to go some distance to buy the product.
I saw a supermarket on my way to the usual one where I always buy the mouthwash, decided to stop and buy it there in order to save some money. So, I entered the supermarket, went straight into the dental section and searched for the bottle of mouthwash of my desired brand. Amongst the dental products I saw there, remained only one bottle of mouthwash standing and which had a torn nylon seal. I saw it weird but rather ignored and took it to the cashier for purchasing.

Now, I had come across many sealed products which gave a written warning on its body “Do not accept if seal is broken”, but for that mouthwash, I ignored it, not only because a warning sign wasn’t written on it but I was in a “big”, “well organized” and “registered” supermarket.

On my way to the cashier, I saw opposite me, a woman who came shopping. She looked at the product in my hands and I negatively, with a repulsive facial expression and passed by me. I suspected a little I was doing something wrong but kept on moving to the cashier. The cashier, while receiving the item for purchase made no negative facial expression.

When I got home and used the product the next day, the product felt different from the past mouthwash of the same brand that I used – diluted and low in quality. I regretted and felt disappointed for my ignorance. I then remembered the woman who saw the product in my hands and didn’t warn me or tell me to return that product and get another. I felt a little angry with her, I couldn’t blame the cashier because it’s her and her company’s business, even if it’s illegal, she won’t complain.

I said to myself “Had I know, I wouldn’t have taken that seal broken product.”

I believe all things in my life happens for a reason, my regrets doesn’t last long, because I have a light and hope, His name is Jesus.

I don’t know what you believe in that makes you ignorant of the truth that comes from the Bible.
Of recent, I saw a post on Facebook from CNN, about a book written by Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist and cosmologist, which is the last, saying that “there’s no God”. But, because of his much achievements and high status, many would believe him.

I do believe in the possibilities of many things that can come through inventions (except time travel), but saying “There’s no God”? Oh c’mon, that’s off the wisdom grid.

That’s being fictitious.

God didn’t stop the Israelites when some men were inventing engines and weapons of war by the authority King Uzziah, which led to His pride and then to his downfall. 2 Chronicles 26

Technology is something that should be handled with absolute self control, especially as a Christian, or you might go back to the world.

In the book of Genesis, God saw that wickedness had gone to an exceedingly great level on earth and decided to destroy it with flood, but first, He had to save those who were good, but only saw Noah.

Noah, according to the Bible was a righteous man and it pleased God. God spoke to him, telling him to build an ark, for He will pour out rain on earth to destroy it with flood.
2 Peter 2:5 says “And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly”

Noah preached righteousness to the people but they refused to listen – they were ignorant.

Only Noah and his family got saved when the flood came upon the face of the earth. I’m certain, the words that will flow in the mind of those who ignored and perishing would be the voice of Noah and “Had I know, I would have accepted the words of Mr Noah.” – regrets.

Today, Christians are telling people out there to come inside the ark for safety from hell and the coming destruction – for God is going to destroy the world with fire, not flood this time. There’s hope, the kingdom of God is the hope through Jesus Christ.

Now, who is that present ark the unrighteous should enter for safety? That ark is Jesus. Through Him, we become righteous.

Repent of your sins, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, believe in His words and be saved.

Regret is not an option.

Jesus loves () you

Divine Helpers: The End

At the Divine Helpers lair, in the open atmosphere, the AI assisted jet flies down, the prairie ground opens up as the jet lands on the airfield of the lair’s hangar. Krulk, Chuks, Martha, Bajinotu and Peter emerge from the jet and head for the lair’s hall. Chuks pauses Martha and converse with her while the rest continue their walk to the hall.

Martha: Chuks, operation Divine Helpers might come to end. In case if that happens, I want us to start an evangelical ministry that will preach the gospel and help people around the world.

Chuks: Yes, but Martha, I don’t have any money in my bank account… How about we stop the production of electromechanical devices, sell Chuks Corp and start an extensive farm business?

Martha: Yes, that sounds great!

Chuks: That will finance and support the ministry. Martha, you are a rare gem, I’m glad I met you. I love you Martha (moves towards Martha with arms open)

Martha: I love you too (moves towards Chuks and hugs him)

It’s daytime and the sky is cloudy, and it’s raining heavily in Lagos.
Under a locked store shade sat Kronky, staring at the sky while it rained. Kronky is feeling sad and depressed, he soliloquizes.

Kronky: I have failed, I can’t rule the world without my powers and I’m heaven’s castaway… but wait, there’s still hope! I have Satan, the devil. I don’t need to go back to God, but to summon Satan, I’ll need to make a blood sacrifice. I hope he answers me and not his demons.

Kronky waits till the rain stops, he goes out, into the woods and made for himself an altar with bamboo sticks. He then went to a nearby town, sees a man sitting down and smoking cannabis.

Kronky: Bullseye! weed smokers, recreational drugs abusers, perfect vessels for demon possession and blood sacrifice to Satan.

Kronky knocks him out, ties up the man, carries him to his altar and slew him there, spilling his blood on the altar. He then cried out.

Kronky: Satan, I had no other way having a chit chat with you as a human except through this. I hereby summon you to appear before me, for I have a request to make!

Six demons named Scoffery, Abaddon, Sorcery, Envy, Ego and Heresy appeared before Kronky, wearing and a white hat, suit and trousers, with a black tie and armband.

Six demons: (in unison) our master don’t speak to any human, humans speaks only to us. Our master has commanded us to send you to the spirit realm, for you have failed him and everyone of us.

Kronky: I’m not going anywhere, no matter what. Nothing will stop me, I’ll rule the world!

Scoffery: We’ll see about that, chump! (The six demons vanishes into the thin air)

Kronky: Satan, I summon you, come now!

Then, in the atmosphere, a song is being heard. Psquare’s “Personally” instrumental music is being played. The six demons appears.

Abaddon: Personally, personal, personally. (the six demons vanishes, reappears) Personally, personal, personally. (the six demons vanishes, reappears and then starts dancing while marching towards Kronky. Kronky moves back while facing them, frightened) Personally, professionally, you wanna wreck me internationally. Ah! I will kill you physically and give it to you, give it to you radically.
Emotionally, psychologically, you wanna end me politically. Ah! dramatically, you know say you no wan live.

The surrounding environment strangely changes from the woods to a busy area, beside the Eiffel tower of Paris, as the six demons dance and march towards the frightened Kronky in the midst of passersby.

Heresy: I no go lie, the things wey dey my mind. Whenever I sleep, I dream about I rule the world. But if you wanna try, I will end you tonight. Cos I’m in the mood, me and my crew go deal with you. Personally, personal, personally. I will deal with you. Personally, personal, personally.

Ego: Scoffery, exceptionally, enter them supernaturally, we go jazz them spiritually, magically, internationally. U.N, Socratically, grammar, I’m your dictionary, saga, you want me to fail, I tell you I cannot fail.

The surrounding environment changes from a busy street to a mountainous area, as the six demons march towards the frightened Kronky on top of a high mountain.

Scoffery: I no go lie, the things wey dey my mind. Whenever I sleep, I dream about I rule the world. And if you wanna try, I will end you tonight. Cos I’m in the mood, me and my crew go deal with you, personally, personal, personally. I will deal with you…

Kronky falls down from the edge of the high mountain and hits head on a rock, following his body. Kronky goes back to the spirit realm – asleep.

Six demons: (laughs wickedly) Ah, ah, ah, ah!

Scoffery: Heyo Kronky! Don’t take this personal. Ight? This… this is purely business, no hard feelings.

Two years later,
It’s a sunny afternoon and a great wedding ceremony is being held in a church. Krulk and Sarah stands before a young man, the same man who interrogated Kronky and almost got killed but rescued by Krulk. The young man is now a pastor and is joining Krulk and Sarah in holy matrimony. The young man’s name is Bryce.

Pastor Bryce: (to Krulk) You may kiss the bride.

On the church pews sat the Divine Helpers team with family and friends. All clap and cheer aloud as Krulk hugs and kisses Sarah passionately.
After the wedding ceremony, the newly wedded couple trekked from the church to an event hall nearby for the wedding reception, with the guests following them behind.

At the wedding reception, after much events, the master of ceremony calls out the newly wedded couple to perform on stage.

MC: Hello, Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, I call on the newly weds; Krulk and Sarah to come over here and perform for us tonight.

Krulk: (walks to the stage) Thank you MC, but it’s for God Almighty. He is everything, he’s the air we breath, He’s both the matter and the empty space. I and my lovely wife have a song to sing to Him.

The disk jockey plays Hillsong Worship “Captain” instrumental. Sarah comes out to sing with Krulk, as they are limelighted.

Sarah: Through waters uncharted my soul will embark. I’ll follow Your voice straight into the dark.
And if from the course You intend
I depart. Speak to the sails of my wandering heart. Like the wind, you’ll guide, clear the skies before me, and I’ll glide this open sea. Like the stars, Your word, will align my voyage, and remind me where I’ve been, and where I am going.

Chuks: Lost in the shallows amidst fear and fog. Your truth is the compass that points me back north.
Jesus, my Captain, my soul’s trusted Lord. All my allegiance is rightfully Yours. Like the wind You’ll guide, clear the skies before me, and I’ll glide this open sea. Like the stars, Your word, will align my voyage, and remind me where I’ve been, and where I am going.

Krulk and Sarah: Like the wind, You’ll guide, clear the skies before me, and I’ll glide this open sea. Like the stars Your word, will align my voyage, and remind me where I’ve been, and where I am going.

They both dance gracefully.

Krulk and Sarah: Jesus, my Captain, my soul’s trusted Lord.
All my allegiance is rightfully Yours.

Lights out

Lights in

A few years later,
Bajinotu became born again and an active member in a Pentecostal church. He later became an evangelist, preaching the gospel in the streets around his home.

Chuks became born again, started an evangelical ministry, assisted by his wife, Krulk, Sarah and Peter as they traveled round the world, preaching the gospel and helping hands.

The End

Jesus loves you

A Very Depressing Moment of My Life

Something happened last week that saddened me.
I was with Mom on a Wednesday night, coming from church and heading home when I saw a vehicle that drove past us stopped moving suddenly due to its battery fault.

While the driver was trying to start the vehicle, my Mom stopped and waited to see if it would work, I had to stop because of her but part of me wanted to go. My Mum then asked the driver “what’s wrong?” but the man couldn’t reply properly, I saw that the man was in a hopeless situation and needed help, but a greater part of me wanted to go, leaving him stranded while the other part only had pity on him and wanted to help.

Then suddenly, the pastor of my church drove his vehicle past us and stopped. Immediately I saw him stop by, I felt a move in my body to go and help the man push his vehicle in response to his presence but I stopped myself and said within me “Wait a minute, isn’t this pretense?”, that made me feel bad. The pastor then asked in Yoruba language “What happened, what is wrong?”, the driver couldn’t reply, the pastor had some people onboard, so he wound up his glass and kept moving to his destination.

After the pastor had gone and the driver of the faulty vehicle tried to start it, but to no avail. My Mum said to me “Come, let’s help him.” I immediately followed her without relenting to help the driver. We tried pushing the vehicle while the driver was inside to start it but couldn’t work until someone came to give us a helping hand and it worked successfully.

The driver of that vehicle thanked and said “God bless you” to I and my Mum as we leave for home. Part of me was happy for him and wanted nothing from him in satisfaction that it was for God, but the other part of me wanted something from him because I had nothing on me at that time.

I felt sad and asked myself “why is part of me so wicked, even after repentance? I keep fighting sin, but sin keeps coming back. Why can’t sin just die?”
And then, I remembered I felt myself going into pretense when the pastor stopped by, but withdrew. I felt sad about that and asked myself “Who am I really trying to please, is it God who watches everything 24/7 or man who watches when available?” It’s really saddening to see that such element which I had active in me years ago, still in me, even after repentance, but dormant, like a volcano. I wanted it extinct.

I had to ask God for forgiveness in the name of Jesus.

Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

The truth is, we can’t eradicate our sinful self, as long as we are in the flesh which is part of us till we leave this world, but the grace of God that comes through the Holy Spirit, given to us by Jesus Christ, is there to help us. We only have to be sober, staying away from any appearance of evil and dropping off some worldly things – forsaking our Egypt and focus on the promise land.

I believe it’s God’s grace that made me walk with my Mum and not to go before her or after her, I would have left that driver stranded. It then would have been worse because it reminded me of the parable of the good Samaritan our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ taught in Luke 10, about how a priest and a temple worker moved past a wounded man who had been beaten up to stupor by robbers, but an unbeliever passing by went to the wounded man and took care of him. That means, the priest and the temple worker are accursed by God because they didn’t follow God’s rule of loving our neighbors as ourselves but instead, some religious dogma.

I had my mother beside me at that time. If not for her, I would have left the driver stranded and that would have been counted to me as wickedness, but God put my Mum there. I also want Him to put a virtuous partner (Prov.31:10-31) beside me, to assist me even when my faith and spiritual life in God is failing and falling.

Years ago, I read a book titled “the man who walked with God”, which is about the biography of a pastor and evangelist named Smith Wigglesworth. Mr Smith had a wife, her name was Polly, they were both (genuine) Christians.

There was a time Mr Smith’s faith and spiritual life was failing and falling, when he took his business more seriously than the word of God. But his wife’s faith and spiritual life grew stronger and this made Mr Smith angry. One day, Mr Smith was angry at his wife and yelled at her, pushed her out of the house and shut the door, his wife took the back door and entered. He was still very angry and yelled at her, but his wife only responded with laughter, this cooled down his temper and he joined her in laughter. Mr Smith later returned back to God and regained his faith and spiritual life through his wife.

If it were many women today, laughter won’t be their response but heated argument followed by a middle finger or divorce letter.

So, dear Christians, hell is not an option and shouldn’t be. If others are embracing sin; seeing nothing evil in what is evil before God through His word – calling evil “good”. We who are Christians, who know who God truly is (Thanks to the words of Jesus Christ) should try to avoid sin, asking Him to help us, because without holiness (perfection, without spot) no one will see God.

Hebrews 12:14 “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.”

Let’s seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (holiness) and May God help us all as we run this Christian race in Jesus name.

Jesus loves you